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Each week we talk about content creation and about Live Streaming. This podcast (and YouTube Channel) will give you tips and tricks to improve your content and make creating easier and more productive.

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The Story Behind Content Creation and Mastering the Art of the Live Stream

Over the last two years I have been on a quest to learn and then teach Content Creation. First I joined LEDA, Live Every Day In April in 2021. Every since then I have go Live each week. I have taken course from Sean Cannell, Doc Rock, Luria Petrucci via LSP (Live Streaming Pros), Nate Black at Project 24 (Channel Makers) as well read multiple books on Content Creation and YouTube Channel Optimization. 

John Ryan and Roy talking about gear for Content Creation

Latest Episode...

We will talk about Lights, Mics, and cameras. Wondering what you might want to buy next or maybe you need help figuring out what you ought to buy NOW. Do you want to know what gear makes sense for content creation? Tonight we will have a talk with a fellow gearhead who loves audio, @CoffeeTalkandTechJohnRyan We will talk about simple setups and about extremes and lots of stuff in between.

Recent Episodes

Organizing Your Digital Life

This episode we will feature @ColterReed who will talk to us about organizing Your Digital Life. How does getting organized help with Content Creation? Glad you asked. Have you driven yourself made trying to find your B-Roll for a video? Has your hard drive filled up with all of your old videos and you are fighting for space everytime you edit a new video? Every content creator has filled up their hard drive with all those previous videos. This episode we will talk about how to protect your videos while freeing up space. And we will talk about organizing your email and your files to try and get your workflows going. Visit Colter's channel https://www.youtube.com/@ColterReed to find all the places online he can be found. I highly recommend signing up for his Newsletter where he gives really great life hacks and productivity hacks to help you be more productive in your daily live.

Being a Gamer On YouTube {Mind Of a Gamer}

This episode we will feature @Pedigreedmoth who will talk to us about his gaming journey and what it is like being a gamer on YouTube. He talks about how he got started, what equipment and software he uses. Do you want to be a Gaming Content Creator?

What People Say

"Tech Troublemaker, aka Roy Richardson, is one of my go to content creators to learn how to deliver engaging live video content. He’s also a fantastic friend. Roy is the source to learn how to get better, what to get better doing, and why invest the energy to get better. I can count on Roy to answer my questions. He’s easy to work with and a lot of fun in the process."
"Roy a.k.a Tech Trouble Maker is a Content Creator who truly cares about creating videos that improves the quality of people lives. He keeps his community updated with the latest tips and strategies on YouTube Roy provides a lot of laughter and fun during his live stream shows and helps encourage his viewers that they too can make quality content on YouTube."
"Roy "Tech Troublemaker" Richardson is a content creator I met during the pandemic. With many creators trying to figure it out Roy found himself rising the ranks amongst many creators by offering valuable information on how to be an YouTube creator. He has also offered viewers who are just getting their feet wet in the tech space answers to the problems they are experiencing and putting any doubts to rest. His insights have positioned himself as an expert in his field and is a trusted creator to not only produce for his show but host other shows as well. Roy is not only a confidant but a friend you can reach out to brainstorm your next idea. "

Meet Your Host

Tech Troublemaker with Microphone and Headphones on

IT Professional by Day, College Professor by Night, and Content Creator the rest of his waking hours

Come along on this journey to 10,000 Subscribers and 4,000+ Watch hours as Tech Troublemaker tries to conquer the obstacles on YouTube and Instagram. 


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